Art Of Tones (Llorca) exclusive interview

Which genre of music do you like produce mostly?
Disco music, House music and everything in between
How was created project Les Maçons De La Musique ?
David Duriez and I were good friends and we both started producing house music with our computers. We thought we need to create a production team, because unity is strenght. As we were young and a bit stupid, we used the word «maçon» which means «builder» in french : that’s how «Les Maçons De La Musique» was born.
Your favourite deep house label from 90s?
Strictly Rhythm
Who was great almost unknown deep house musician which you liked?
Justin Chapman aka Kemetic Just / Just One
Which is your favorite club where you played & where you still dream to play & not played?
I had so much fun every time I played at Estaçao Da Luz in Aveiro, Portugal. Played there a dozen times.
I never played in South Africa and would love to play there !
What kind of music do you personally prefer to listen in car & air?
Soul, funk and disco
Who’s your favourite producers which stopped make music & disappeared from house scene in 90s & you dream listen their new tracks or work with them?
Jedi Knights
What was the last vinyl you bought?
Mr Fries «Nocturnal EP» on Wolf Music
Who was 1st dj you heard in your life?
A DJ in my hometown, Saint-Quentin, playing in a big local club called «Xenon». He was playing mostly boogie-disco trakcs, and some popular songs from the 90’s — Music was actually pretty good.
What your studio equipment this days & soft?
I do pretty much everything «in the box», but i own a few hardware gears : Moog Minitaur, Behringer Model D,a Casio CZ 101, a joemeek preamp, a mackie 1404… As for the software, i compose with Ableton Live and mix with Cockos Reaper.
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