Brian Tappert exclusive interview & DJ mix

How come you started producing stuff & DJ’ing? It was 1993 or early? what label, release?
I began Djing at 14 years old in 1984 while growing up in NJ. I did private parties, roller rinks
and anything I could get. By the late 80s house music was in full swing and I began to play in
the clubs. The technology was becoming affordable so people like me were trying to do what
we could to get into the studio. It was a long journey and my first projects didn’t come out for a
long time, starting in the early 90s on labels like Bassline, i! Records, ESA, Big Big Trax, Strictly

Who did best mastering for you in 90s? do u mix tracks yourself before mastering?
No matter which phase of my career I was in or who I was producing with, we always needed to
be very hands on. Mixing and having your own little studio spot to do it in was always a big part
of that. Mixing and also mastering is a great art, one which is kind of lost today.
We know you did background vocal for Moné ​– Movin’. Have you done any others vocal experience or is that the only one?
Coming up at that time, the “Jersey” sound was heavy RnB and very vocal, with a lot of Gospel
influences, this had a very big influence on me. For example, my school was what Tony
Humphries would play on his Kiss FM show every weekend late into the next morning…it was
magic. So naturally, vocal productions were always a big part of what we did, right from the
start. Northbound feat. Mone “A Better Way” on bassline in around 1993 or 4 is an early
example, that one was produced with Roy Grant who is still a good friend we made many
records with her like “Never Be The Same”, “We Can Make it”, “Movin”, “Your Love”.

Then a bit
later on together with Marc Pomeroy (who we’re still partners and also made and run Traxsource
together) , we built our label on this same premise and made records with Michael Proctor
“Deliver Me” & “Love Don’t Live”, with Donna Allen we made “He is the Joy” and “Testify” with
Jay Williams, there were many others too recorded as Jazz-N-Groove and Urban Blues project.
Have you got any special memories you can tell about when producing a specific record? Like something that happened when you mixed it, or Something fun that happened or some idea you got or something like that?
Wow, so many memories, one big one is recording Michael Proctor “Deliver Me” in Marc’s spare
bedroom studio, the sound we got from that little vocal closet is still legendary and its where
Marc and I first realized that we had some special thing when we worked together. It still
happens today — only its with what we do with Traxsource. Though I hope one day soon we can
get back to the studio.

Which is your favorite co-produced track? Which is the one you still proud of?
2 weeks ago in croatia — Sam Holt played Donna Allens “He is the Joy” at the Soulfuric party and
it sounded so fresh and the people loved it, like it was brand new. That was special — heres a
link to it… ​
What kind of music do you personally prefer to listen to today at home?
I love to play my Jazz, 80s Alternative, Soul and Funk and even Rock collection at home. My
taste is all over the place…and at home Vinyl still rules — its my happy place.

Who’s your favourite producers which stopped make music & disappeared from house scene in 90s & you dream listen their new tracks or work with them?
I wish Tommy Musto and Victor Simonelli would have another go, TMVS was a big influence on
me and the records they made individually and together influenced a generation of producers.
What was your first vinyl you bought or somebody gave you as gift?
Oh man, I think it was the Fat Boys lol… maybe 1983. And some classic rock like Led Zeppelin.
Which music genre do you think will live longer on music scene in future: deep house or techno?
Both will live forever, though Ill be listening to Deep house.
What 3 albums / tracks you’ll take in space for travelling on another planet?
Edwin Hawkins Singers “Oh Happy Day”
Miles Davis “Kinda Blue” Album
New Order “Power Corruption and Lies”
Brian Tappert mix for IDmusic magazine