Digital — Exclusive interview for IDmusic Magazine

1) your 1st ever released vinyl was Authorised Riddim project with Danny C in 1994? where did u meet him & how decided create Authorised Riddim?
I met Danny C in Colchester when my sound system was hired for a gig. He asked me if I was up for taking my system to a beach for a little rave. I said yes and my raving days started!

did u sent demo to Certificate 18 or Paul Arnold invited you?

Paul from Certificate 18 and I are from the same town called Ipswich so I always saw him at parties and pubs, plus I knew Paul from a local record shop he worked in. I was very keen to sign something to an amazing label like certificate 18 so I kept bugging him with my beats.

what equipments you used for making this record?

Danny and I went to a studio in Maldon, Essex. I dont remember the name. They had an Akai sampler. That’s all I remember.

2) why u decided to start your own Function label in 1999?

Because I was eager to push my own sound. I realised I wasn’t the kind of artist to follow trends so I knew it would be hard to sign music to other labels on a regular. It’s Function was to enable me to grow as an artist with no stresses.

how many people worked in company & who was your distributor?

Brillo / Jeremy Winter helped me with production and distribution, Sahra Mirreh fixed the press side of things. We were a good team so this meant I could concentrate on music.

3) which release on Function you think is still the best?

I might change my mind tomorrow but today I’d say the Water Bucket EP. 4 dubbed out tracks in my own particular style.

4) who do u think did best mastering for dnb releases in 90s?

I think Stu from Metropolis as he was consistent right through the 90’s plus his mastering from the 90’s still stands strong today.

5) what hardware & soft do you still use in studio since 1994 or everything changed?

I’ve gone full circle. I used to own emu samplers, Roland JV 1080 and a Roland W-30. Then for a while I was working out of the box with UAD plug ins but I’ve just got my old mackie 24/8 out so I’m about to buy some eq’s, reverbs and delays so I can play around on my mixer Dub Stylee

6) What kind of music do you personally prefer to listen in car & air?

I listen to Detroit Techno, Old reggae, old dub, old hip hop, old pop, old rnb. Can you see my pattern? lol I listen to older stuff because I like to listen and reminisce.

7) Who’s your favourite producers which stopped make music & disappeared from scene in 90s & you dream listen their new tracks or work with them?

Photek. I’ve never actually done a collab with him although, he has engineered and co produced tracks for me. I love the simplicity and texture of his music.

😎 What was the last vinyl you bought?
Rosegold Entro Senestre

9) Who was 1st dj you heard in your life?

My dad. He played reggae, soca, blues and a little bit of dub. He was no turnabelist though!

10) who do u think did 1st jungle record?

To me it feels like Lennie De Ice made the first Jungle record called ‘We are I.E.’ It probably wasn’t called Jungle at the time but it is Jungle isn’t it?!?!

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