Le Bruit

DOP Only

Format: WAV

French electronic trio dOP drop their fourth instalment to their dOP Only label with ‘Le Bruit’.
Celebrating their 11th Birthday in style, ‘Le Bruit’ is the fourth track of the year, and now the Kaczmarek joins the collection on the remix duty. The trio spice things up a little for this one, extending out an open invitation to be casted in their music video for the upcoming single.
‘Le Bruit’ centres around a signature crisp synth groove and intimate vocal lick, growing in tension until finally bursting into life by an array of reverberating snare rolls and sinister synth lines, menacingly floating and distorting throughout. 
Welcoming Kaczmarek, the mysterious alias of Paul Ritch on the remix, he recreates an experimental and dark soundscape that both explores and transforms the core elements of the trio’s sound. He morphs the tight crunchy synth work and piercing vocals into an echoing range of hefty monstrous attacks that will pound into the early hours.