Ed The Red — Exclusive interview for IDmusic magazine

1) we read on your page that you’re from Moscow. how many years in lived in Russia
& what’s your best memories?

Yes I was born in Moscow, Russia (USSR at that time) and I was a teenager when my mom and I were able to escape and come to America.
The two best memories I can think of: I was always into soulful, funky music and my first attempts at DJing were setting my stereo speakers on the window
sill of my 4th floor apartment facing out onto the street and blasting James Brown tunes for all my neighborhood to hear!
and the other great memory is Russian girls… they were next to none, the most beautiful and great attitude too. Too bad they got westernized now days! LOL

2) how you started produce music?

I was working playing keyboards and singing in a duet with my ex-wife back in the 80s. Playing bass with my left hand, chords and solos with my right hand,
working the drum machine with my foot and singing at the same time was quite tidious! So to make things easier and to get a fuller sound for our two-piece band
I started pre-recording background music to use as background in our live performances. I did not have a multi-track recorder back then and used to overdub tracks by
bouncing from one cassette deck to another adding additional layer of instruments each time. I wrote music and songs since I was 15 y.o. and I started using these
techniques to create musical arrangements for my own songs. The first demos I tried to pitch to record labels were made that way!
Subsequently I got my first 4-track recorder and later 8-track which made things a lot more easy and improved the quality of my recordings tremendously.
Amazing how far has the technology come since those days. With programs like Ableton you now have more than a million
dollar recording studio would have had in those days right on your laptop at your fingertips!

3) the 1st vinyl on which you was mention was
The Majestic M.C.’s ‎– Cosmic Dove (Space Out Version) on label Lemon Twist records
or you did something early? who run Lemon Twist records?

Around that time I did a few records, a couple of them were Gospel and then there was this instrumental version of Madonna’s «Into the groove» that I did for
Jefferseif Records. The original Madonna single didn’t have an instrumental dub on it so we kinda filled the gap 😉 That one got a lot of play
in the clubs of New York! This was the most significant release from that time time period until the next two big ones — Irresistible by Red Follies on
Supertronics Records and then «Broken Promises» By Red Follies featuring MJ White on Classified Records. These two were big club hits and were regularly featured
on Tony Humphries’ shows as well as on other major DJs’ playlists.
Also one of my biggest records of all time — «Music is so wonderful» was released around that time. It was sampled by so many people I’m sure that your listeners would
have heard it in one way or another. It was fun watching Tony Humphries rock it at Zanzibar.

4) whats the difference in running label in early 90s and now?
your advises to young starting house producers & label owners.

The most obvious difference is that in the 90s we were selling vinyl records and later CDs — tangible products. Today no one buys music any more,
most people stream their music for free or for a very minimal monthly fee and what streaming companies pay independent labels is a joke. You literally
have to have a couple of million streams a month to make any kind of minimal money. Labels who put on events however are doing really well financially
because the money is in live performances now, not recorded music. The positive thing today is that with all the social media you can do creative marketing
that can get you lots of exposure worldwide, we didn’t have that luxury in the 90s… but boy, we did sell a ton of vinyl! LOL

5) whats your favourite release on Bottom Line records?

Oh boy, that’s a tough one… honestly I can’t name just one, but there are a few all time favorites: «Yesterday» by Jerzzey Boy feat. MJ White,
«My Mind is going» by O.D.C. (yours truly), «Music is so wonderful» by Vivian Lee,
«It’s alright» by Ed The Red feat. Barbara Dixon, «Another Time» by Flow (yours truly), and several others, but I don’t want to stray too far from «just one favorite»! LOL
One thing I would like to add is that I give big props to Nelson «Paradise» Roman who co-produced many of the tracks on Bottom Line with me.
Although I played all the instruments and engineered the tracks his vast experience as a club DJ was a very valuable contribution and resulted in us creating
some of the timeless house music masterpieces on Bottom Line Records that are still being played in clubs all over the world even 25 years later.
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