Ian Friday exclusive interview

1)how did you start DJing?
I learned to DJ with my cousin Robbie and really started deejaying on my college radio station on a show called “Music for the People”
2)what was the 1st & last record you bought?
Early purchases include James Brown. I purchase music weekly still. Last Vinyl purchase was Gigi Testa’s Rio Grande
3)where do you buy your records?
I purchase music wherever good music is sold.
4)which record never leaves your box?
That’s an interesting question as I carry most of my music with me on a hard drive/cd book and some vinyl.
5)favorite labels?
You trying to get me in trouble? Lol There are so many labels putting out good music including my label Global Soul Music. Quantize, Yoruba, Vega, Nervous, Seres, Offering, MoBlack, Tribe, Opom to name a very few. A lot of labels putting in that work!
6)favorite djs?
Again there are too many folks that are really doing it. Female djs are killing it. My influences would include Tony Humphries, Timmy Regisford, Larry Levan. Any deejay that has the intent of touching people through music are the folks that I like to hear.
7)which are your favourite clubs to play?
I have enjoyed playing many clubs around the world. Output, Cielo, Djoon, Club Yellow, Ministry to name a few.
8)what would be your dream line-up?
Folk that put the music first and leave ego out of it. Ron Trent, Joe Clausell and I would be a blessing to me.
9)what’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you in a club?
Perhaps playing in Japan for 14/15hours straight watching people sleep and the wake up fully dancing.
10) what do you predict for the club scene in the 2025?
There probably will be a wave of virtual clubbing but then people will realize the magic of sharing space and clubbing will reach unimagined heights!
11)what was the last film you went to see?
I went to see the brilliant Bohemian Rhapsody.
12)what would you do if you weren’t a dj or producer?
I would be involved in creative endeavors that bring people together. That’s how I view what I’ve done all of my life.