Tim Harper interview

Question 1:    A little about myself?

Tim Harper: First I am a man of God and I am grateful for all the blessings I have received. I am a husband a father and educator. I love to play and watch sports. I love going to the movies and spending time with my family and I love to cook.

Question 2:   What music do I listen to?

Tim Harper: I listen to a variety of music. I love jazz and ol school hip hop and classic rock (Led Zeppelin is my favorite group of all time). But my favorite music to listen to is house music. Growing up n Chicago there was a wonderful world of disco and house music which made me the dj and producer that I am.

Question 3:   Whats in my studio?

Tim Harper: My studio consist of a Dell Inspiron 3000 running Sonar X3. I use an MPC studio an akai mpk49 a roland vs880fx and alesis monitor 1 MKII. The funny thing about my studio is the old gear I used back in the day that I prefer. I like the old analog sound from the 90’s. My favorite was MPC 3000 to this day the machine is a monster paired with the korg triton rack and a midi keyboard and a 32 track mackie mixing board and you were ready to go. I recorded all my old tracks at Glenn’s studio and he had a distinctive sound that you could recognize.

Question 4:   How did I get into music and how did I start my career?

Tim Harper: My father started me out in music by having me play records for him at the age of 5. I loved playing with records and I have been spinning vinyl ever since. I started taking drum lessons at the of 10 until I was 15. My dj career started in 1986 at the age of 13. I got paid $50 bucks to dj my school party. All through high school I did local basement parties cookouts garage parties etc… It was at one of the garage parties that I met Glenn Underground in 88. we both had drum machines and he had the keyboard so we linked up and started making music. Boo Williams was good friends with Glenn and I didnt know that he lived two blocks away from my house. Boo had an Mpc60 and he brought that over to the studio and Strictly Jaz Unit was formed. I released my first ep on Dance Mania entitled Toxic Waste in 92. After that I released ep’s on Djax, Power Records, Relief Records, Peacefrog, Defender, Daisy Records and NiteLife Collective. I also had many of my tracks licensed on compilations and mixes. I started my own digital label in 08 called THD (TimHarperDigital). And last but not least my digital releases on Manuscript records (https://www.traxsource.com/label/7822/).

Question 5:  What DAW do I entrust myself?

Tim Harper: Sonar X3 by Cakewalk. It is very easy to navigate and I like the work flow.

Question 6:  What deep house track do I keep in my dj bag?

Tim Harper: This question is a hard one because I have so many records I have been collecting for over 30 years plus all the disco records I inherited from my father when he passed away in 87.

The first record is the HAIM CHELI PROJECT by DJ FUDGE and the second record I keep in my bag is THE GROOVE by GLOBAL COMMUNICATION. These two ep’s never fail me at a gig they get the party rocking every time. My disco records that stay in my dj bag is STAR LOVE 12′ by CHERYL LYNN I normally play this at end of my set or I start off with it depending on the vibe of the club. Starts out very slow then takes off straight club banger and the other disco record I have to keep in my bag is LOVIN IS REALLY MY GAME 12′ by BRAINSTORM serious club banger. So there are four records that stay in my dj bag all the time lol.

Question 7:  What artist I would like to collaborate with?

Tim Harper: I would like to work with Masters at Work and DJ Fudge.

Question 8:  Who are my favorite Chicago DJ’s

Tim Harper: My two favorite dj’s are Glenn Underground and Boo Williams and of course Tim Harper  he is a bad dude lol.

Question 9:  How did I meet Glenn  and how did the disco thieves project come about?

Tim Harper: The first part of this question you can see question#4 for that answer. The disco thieves project came about when Paul Johnson who was a close friend of ours and was on relief records as well was hanging out with us at a party and it was some garbage disco track that was playing so we decided to show them how its done and we all made tracks and put them out as the Disco Thieves.

Question 10: What is my hidden dream?

Tim Harper: I wanted to be a professional baseball player And play for the Chicago White Sox.