Julian Sanza interview

Question 1: A little about myself?

I´m a 43 years old producer and DJ from Argentina, now based in Bogota
, Colombia.

 Question 2: What music do I listen to?

Apart from Electronic music, I like listening classic Jazz and pre 60s music.

 Question 3: Whats in my studio?

iMac running Ableton Live and Logic, Prophet 08, Yamaha CS10, Electric
Guitar, Electric Bass and various percussion instruments

Question 4: How did I get into music and how did I start my career?

I got into music thanks to genetics i guess and music was huge in the
80s there was instruments at home I would teach myself out to play.
When i finished school got a job as keyboardist in a hotel while doing
a day job. Around 95 I’ve associated with a studio to put up a MIDI
studio and on the free time i started producing my own music. In ´97
made a 3 months sound engineering course in London, when i came back
to Argentina started meeting people also with passion for the new
electronic music, Daft Punk, Dimitri from Paris, Paper Recordings,
Guidance, Swayzak and many French labels and artists were my main
influence then. Thats when Ciudad Feliz was born, we released an album
CD called Barrenador in 2000 with a local label.

 Our first international break was when traveled with 2 friends to
Miami for WMC in 2000, via friends I met on chats I bump into Senz
(75th House Street Recordings founder and amazing art designer for
Motorbass, Cassious) and we played a tape with a portable boombox we
brought to the hotel where the conference was taking place, he
released our first vinyl record as Ciudad Feliz and connected us with
Silver Network. From there moved to London with Fernando Pulichino, we
were playing together on CF and wanted to try luck in UK. Thats when
we sent demos to 2020 Vision and got signed as Silver City, from there
we became ´professional´ artists.

Question 5: What DAW do I entrust myself?

Ableton is the most straight forward for me, but Logic got amazing
features , great FX and Instruments. I use both.

Question 6: What deep house track do I keep in my dj bag?
I carry hundreds but some unreleased tracks by friends like Toomy
Disco and Jef K I play in all gigs…

Question 7: What artist I would like to collaborate with?
Dam Funk, Ariel Pink, Soul Clap, Dimitri from Paris, Joey Negro,
Laurent Garnier, so many more.

Question 8: Who are my favorite DJ’s?
Ralph Lawson, Jef K, Francois K, Dr Packer, Greg Wilson, Halo Varga,
Doc Martin, Sandy Rivera, Green Velvet, Purple Disco Machine and many
unknown underground DJs!

Question 9: How did I meet Fernando Pulichino and how did the Ciudad
Feliz project come about?
I’ve started with the project and was collaborating with musician
friends for a few months before I saw Fernando playing bass on top of
a DJ friend and told him to come to a rehearsal , he really stood out,
great musicianship.

Question 10: What is my hidden dream?

Get booked for nice places constantly, i love DJ gigs most than
anything , I’ve been lucky to have top experiences , I want more!!

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