Lola Allen

Techno Glitch (Index 3)

People that make the music

Format: WAV


 Founded way back in 2009 People That make The Music records have since amassed a lauded & plentiful collection of singles, albums & compilations. The label has enjoyed success through his unique ability to foster the principles of underground dance music whilst also remaining mindful of commercial appeal.
 Lola Allen has consistently delved deep into the heart of a specific genre or era & selecting a lesser-known series of tracks that give a real insight into the spirit and energy that made that point in time special. She has mined deep into her extensive bank of influences & also enlisted the help of some of his most clued-up comrades in offering some unforgettable deep techno. The single is packed with sultry deep glitch lines & the sort of slick, irresistible grooves that defined the era.
 In searching deeper & wider than the average release, the single provides a thorough insight into why this was such a fertile period for production & gives a nod to the sort of drum patterns, sampling techniques & basslines that will inspire u.

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