Vincent Inc — The Man Who Return to Deep House scene many legends & open new talents

Vincent Inc is the guy who has meant more to deep music and the house scene since 2007, than other people can dream of in a lifetime. He’s not a public person so it was hard to get his interview. He was in the shadow as the executive producer, mastering engineer for many famost electronic music artists, founder of many great labels, most known for his Manuscript records imprints of course.
His legendary trademark «Deeper than DEEP» guarantee high quality mixes and great music. But he says this himself
about his work: «I don’t make a dance record, I produce a records you could dream to«.
In this interview Vincent reveals his favorite mixes, records, his memories, among many other important electronic
music industry things… So, sit back and enjoy.

«A Vincent Inc Interview«
Vincent’s love for music started at an early age, he specially fell in love with new-wave, jazz, hip-house, ambient music. He even quit school to work in a record store. And as he says himself: «Music has been my 1st love. I originally wanted to become a DJ and after many gigs in 90s, 2000s i absolutely destroyed my health so music producing is more comfortable for my soul & body now. I think if i’ll play dj gig sometime, it will be my last gig and in very good club, cause I know what it will do to people on the dancefloor emotionally, it just will make them feel happiness & melancholy. And I’ve always felt like, why don’t most famost rich DJ’s play good underground records!?»

We start out with a difficult question. Who is Vincent Inc?
Vincent replies: «Vincent Inc is a The Man Who Return to Deep House scene many Legends & open new Talents.. I can’t
do anything else music. There was only 1 dark month in my life, when i worked not in music industry. I mean, I get such pleasure and joy out of taking something and trying bring it to another deeper level. I’ve always done experiments, I’ve always felt like that. Also i’m charts editor & release reviewer for few stores»

I know you also used to be a painterman, was that something you did before you got into the record business or did you do it on the side of the music business?
«Yes i’m still painting sometimes, when have a very good or very bad mood) I started paint in school. My father loved realism pictures & hated my abstract & surrealism pictures. and i think still hate . LOL»

So Vincent, How come you started producing stuff?
«Well, I started producing… Eh, I did party with one famous german producer in a place called Zhivot and that’s
when I came up with this idea to make a few tracks… I spent like 80 days to make this 4-5 demo tracks and then I
gave it to this producer (label owner) and he told me: «Don’t give up your day job» [Vincent laughing]
i know that this tracks was good so i didn’t give up & opened after few years my 1st label & found that 1 of those
tracks was in top 10 beatport bestsellers. i told myself «Fuck them all», i’ll release what i love.
Vincent continued: «Well, but it was true and then I was so depressed. But a couple of weeks later many clubs
owners called me and asked play in their clubs. they told me: ‘Vincent, people are getting wild for your tracks!’
And that’s how I really got started into that side of music.»

A while ago I was speaking to some stores owners and they told me that the recommended charts in webstores was all your idea. How did you come up with this idea?
You see, this is going back now to the early 2000’s, when started era of web stores i wanted work in some webstore
and I came in with a new idea. The owner guy said; ‘Vincent, I really got to get like some test of this. Well,
let’s do it!’.

Vincent continues; «So, the thing is — one day I found that they used my idea like their own. They changed head of store so i can’t do anything with this. My Idea was stolen.»

But how did you find the time for everything? Label running, mixing, mastering and everything else?
«Because I was doing it 24 hours a day it seemed.»

I also know you had remixed some hundreds of singles before you started produce your own singles.
Vincent: «See, you have to understand something. I really didn’t do the remix — I did the right mix at first, then
i cut what i dont feel & add my keys, additinal beat or something other!

So, I guess you dislike the new remixes producers make today?
«Well, i like but 0,1% from 100%!!! Hahaha.. Because i cant understand if you steal loop & add kick, how you can
call this shit «remix»?! Maybe edit or re-work, but not remix. And I hate constantly have to be a psychiatrist to
try to trick them in to do a good job! LOL»

In my opinion the molto «Deeper than DEEP» stands for high quality and great deep house tracks. But how did Vincent come up with the idea to put this «trademark» on the name of your compilations series?
Vincent replies; «OK, when I came up with that, I said; ‘OK, there’s a compilation — but then there’s a Deeper than
DEEP music at first. Meaning that a lot of time, a lot of energy, a lot of effort went into making a masterpiece. I
wanted that name to be associated with quality. The idea was, that when you hear that, you know you gonna get
something that sounds dreamy and something that’s not gonna be a piece of boring shit. I guess my heart, body and
soul went into it. It really did. And that’s something money can’t buy, it’s something like — either you love it or
you don’t.»
I got a chance to visit Vincent in his home. He has his own studio in the apartment and he had a whole room full of really rare Vinyls, CD’s, Tapes. He had over 10000 vinyls. When I asked Vincent if he would sign a piece of paper with «Deeper than DEEP from Vincent Inc» for me, he bring me all his vinyl releases, cd compilations with DVD signed for me «Rare & Unreleased. Deeper than DEEP. With Love from Vincent Inc». This is now the most treasured piece in my record collection.
Vincent and i also talked a lot about labels, music and mixing.
It was really amazing to hear what stuff he listen to in his home studio.

Which is you favorite track you ever released? Which is the one you’re most proud of?
«Many. I can call only few right now. Hmm… It’s «Time Machine» (Julian Sanza remix), Slam Mode — «Morning Side Dr» and of course Mateo & Matos — «Joy To My Life» (Dennis Collado mix) will always rank up there too…»

Did you like deep house music during 80-90s era?
«Strange question) Yes, i do, course it was sincere music. We need say Biggest thanks for this music at first to gay community. Not everybody understand this FACT»

What kind of music do you personally prefer? Is it still Deep house, or what do you prefer to listen to today?

«I’m AudioPhile if you know so i love a Lots of things. I still love any kind of deep music (house, nudisco, dnb, electronica, jazz & etc), I never liked only pop music. I like real oldschool hip-hop, some artrock bands.»

It seemed like most Deep house producers disappeared when electro-minimal-house came on club scene in 2002-2007. What have you’ve been up to since then?

«Yeah. Well, i run one underground private club with my friends, also i worked in some music stores, magazines.
Interviewed many famous deep house producers. I remember i asked Kevin Yost: «Why after so many brilliant jazzy
house releases he started to do boring raw house?»
And what he replied?
Vincent «LOL. He told me that just love money but asked me not include this question and reply into interview))))»

What’s your BEST memory during your years in the music business?
«Many good memories. I’m happy that i released on Manuscript records & sublabels many talented people. Most of them now have their own vinyl & digital labels. For example Marc Cotterell, Tonbe, Christos Fourkis, Simon Lebon,
Mr.Moon, Ocean Gaya, Javi Lopez, Melchior Sultana, L_cio, Ilya Santana, Soledrifter, Da Monk, Domspiral & etc. I remember times when one artist from Manuscript records was the crane operator in sea port. When i asked him for remix not so long time ago, i was wonder that he speak with me like fucking pop superstar.
Who is it?
Vincent: «Sorry, i dont want share his name) but if he will read this interview i want remind to him again — its your Karma!»

OK, Finally… Is there anything else you can think of that you wanna tell me, or the people that will read this page about you?
«i want ask people listen many good old music, so they can feel difference between old gold and new fashion raw
shit. i hope producers will make quality Music and DJ will play not only their own tracks. LOL. And i want to tell
Big Thanks to everybody who was or will be in my life way!»

Terrific. I’m very very happy to have got this opportunity to talk to you and I’m very VERY happy you have taken
your time with me. It has been a real pleasure speaking to you…I won’t disturb you any longer.
Vincent: «Nooooo! Only bad music disturb me.) Was a nice talk with you, thanks!»
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