Various Artist

Coccoon compilation R

Coccoon Germany

Format: 6LP/CD

In the sprawling press release accompanying the latest Cocoon compilation — «R», their umpteenth CD to be named after a letter of the alphabet — there’s a lot about blurring the boundaries between different genres of techno, and little concrete info. The basics, though, are pretty simple: like its’ predecessor, the club-focused set boasts 12 cuts selected by boss man Sven Vath. There’s plenty to enjoy from start to finish, from the stylish, ’80s new wave pop-meets-Euro-techno vibes of International Anything’s «The Future Is Here», and the driving tribal drums and sweeping, alien-sounding chords of Inigo Kennedy’s «Black Light», to the moody Dutch techno freakiness of Ambivalent and Alden Tyrell’s «War Island», and the sparkling electronics, positive vibes and skewed drum machine hits of John Heckle’s superb «Fantasy».